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For a growing number of businesses, working remotely and conducting business online has become a new way of life. The world is changing, and with that, so is how and where we work. No longer do we need long commutes to the office or hours spent trapped in stuffy meeting rooms. With more people choosing to work from a virtual environment, today’s typical 9-5 is unlikely to exist in the years to come.

What is a Virtual Office?

A place where technology, virtual reality and artificial intelligence meet.

A virtual office is an online working hub which provides software, productivity tools, online programs and support to employees, entrepreneurs and business owners who are located in various geographic locations but still technologically connected. Not only does it enable you and your employees to access programs, support and security from one place, it also comes with a range of other benefits.

Here are 4 reasons why it’s time your business went virtual.

1. Allows you to work from anywhere

Whether you work from a physical office, dedicated home office or your favourite café, a virtual office allows you the flexibility to operate your business from anywhere you like. With the right technology and tools, you’ll be able to communicate, collaborate and stay on top of all projects wherever and whenever you need.

2. Easy to set up

Using the power and convenience of the cloud, advanced technologies and remote desktop applications such as Microsoft Office 365, setting up a virtual workplace has never been easier. Unlike a physical office, where every team member needs a dedicated space, a virtual office allows you plug in, turn on and access your critical business applications from the comfort of your seat.

3. Increases productivity

A virtual workplace can create a positive, productive and high-tech environment by allowing more work/life balance and job flexibility such as job-sharing and hot desking. As well as eliminating the stress from a daily commute, team members can be awarded based on their performance rather than the number of hours spent in the office. 

4. Saves you money

A virtual workplace is the ideal situation for small business owners who want to scale whilst reducing overhead costs. It eliminates the need to lease any office space, or search for a larger office as your business grows. It also reduces any utility payments, hardware or costs associated with a usual brick-and-mortar space — allowing you to invest more into other important matters. 

So as you can see, the benefits of a virtual workplace are fairly obvious. It enhances productivity, eliminates commuting, is cost-effective and offers a better work-life balance. If you’ve been thinking about moving your business online, now might be the best time of all to go virtual.  Contact the experts in Sydney for a consultation.